Wireless Test Fixtures from Forwessun

Forwessun started producing wireless test fixtures about 10 years ago, for network products on the HP3070 test platform. The driver for our customer here, was to maximize the efficiency of the HP3070 and avoid blocked resources. Our customer also required several fixtures for the same product and wanted repeatability  of test across multiple testers.

We provide wireless fixtures for Agilent 3070 and GenRad / Teradyne systems

Wireless Base

Translator Board


The translator boards are manufactured by a third party, who verify the boards with flying probe before shipment. We have two sources for high quality translator boards

We design our wireless fixtures using IPG on the HP3070, we use double ended sockets to connect to the pads on the wireless translator. The personality probes are replaced by soldered stakes on the board. The translator boards have an integral ground plane.

We supply error free fixtures. When the fixture base is completed at Forwessun it is verified on one of our flying probe fixture verifiers and then the completed fixture is checked on the target test platform by an experienced programmer at Forwessun before shipment.

Turnaround time for wireless fixture typically takes one week longer than a wired fixture to allow for design and manufacture of the Translator pcb.

Flying Probe Wiring Verification