Functional Test Fixtures

Forwessun manufacture complex functional test fixtures as well as custom LabWindows, LabView & JTAG functional software.

Fixture features

  • Advanced fixture manufacture
  • Dedicated functional fixture design team
  • LabWindows, LabView & JTAG test development
  • High volume capacity manufacture
  • Vacuum and pneumatic actuation or mechanical
  • Low cost Go/Nogo
  • Laptop/Netbook final assembly functional fixtures
  • Automotive unit test
  • RF functional test fixtures
  • Through connector test
  • Automatic switch actuation
  • Sacrificial pca connector mounting for ease of maintenance and maximum up time
  • Over 30 years of fixture manufacture


The fixture above has

Quick exchange contact module;
Self-alignment insertion;
PLC controlled pneumatic motion;
Dual stage motion with low air pressure and high air pressure;