Test Fixtures

Forwessun provide in-circuit and functional test fixtures and have significant experience with the following fixture types.

Agilent 3070, Teradyne TS12x / 228x, Agilent & Teradyne ‘Wireless’,

Teradyne 18xx, Teradyne Spectrum, JOT Handler, Functional, Backplane

High node count fixtures

Below, back plane fixture with 8000+ probes, connector insertion

Wireless test fixtures.

Below, Wireless test fixture with 7000+ probes

Fine pitch probing . X Probe, 0.039 and 0.025 pitch probing

Guided probe plates

Zero flex plates . Routed plates to suit UUT profiles for maximum support and minimal board flexing

High density, high node count fixtures

We guarantee to hit within 9thou of the centre of each test pad.

Forwessun provides a G10 mask with every fixture which can be used to verify test fixture accuracy.

Connector Insertion, both Pneumatic and Manual insertion into a variety of connector

RJ45 insertion with back bracing and loopback

Dual Stage fixtures for in-circuit and functional test

Top and bottom probing

Air cooling of test fixtures using fans or compressed air.

Photograph below shows compressed air being directed across a BGA using a custom routed block and heatsink.