Information Required from Customer

Information Required for Quotation / DFT

CAD information to include parts information (Bill of materials), connectivity (Net list) and component location (XY)

Circuit diagrams (Soft copy if possible in PDF or HPGL format)

Layout diagram, including offset information for panelized boards

Copy of specification / requirements of package

Details of the target tester configuration to include software options

Information Required for Test Fixture Design

In addition to the above

Bare board / 1:1 artwork to prove drill information, if unavailable a letter from customer confirming accuracy and status of the supplied Gerber information

BSDL files for boundary scan

Detail of programmable / custom devices, to include PALs etc

Information Required for Test Fixture Build

Loaded pcb to use as a space module to complete Top hat / Seal (This pcb does not have to be working)

Information Required for Test Package Debug

Known good working boards (5 if possible for debug and Testjet characterization)

Program files for Flash, CPLD etc