Forwessun opens new offices & is joined my new Co-ordinator

Published On: 26th June 2012

In response to  demand from our customers we are pleased to announce the opening of our new offices in Poland.

We have invested in new CNC Drill/Router and installed all equipment required to complete ICT fixture modification, rework and functional test fixture manufacture from our new facility.

Currently based at our new offices is one of our experienced sales engineers, Rafal Radziejski. Also, working alongside Rafal at our new office is Izabela Lesniewska.

Izabela has recently joined Forwessun and will take on the position of Business Development Co-Cordinator. Working alongside Rafal and team this means Forwessun can provide better customer service in this area.

With the addition of Izabela and all of our existing engineers throughout Europe we are confident Forwessun will continue to deliver world class test solutions and local support more quickly than ever and still at the best price.